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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Suburban Gorilla

I am amazed at the vile and hatred-filled stuff I see written on some websites. For instance, there is a Philly-area blog named The Suburban Guerilla ( who spews forth on a daily basis.

Today, the blog's author, Susie Madrak, wonders if Ed Gillespie (former RNC Chariman) and Charles Krauthammer are so angry (in her opinion) because they can't find a good plastic surgeon to improve their looks. Now, Krauthammer is a long established and nationally syndicated columnist. And it is widely known that he was once a talented physician but has been a paraplegic for many years after being severely injured in a car accident. Almost everyone knows that about Krauthammer. Madrak must be one mean-spirited and hate-filled bastard to make such a nasty comment about Krauthammer.

Next, she wonders if the Bush Administration planned the London bombings to boost Bush is the quote below regarding one suspect who at one time was under investigation in the United States:

[Quote taken from website on 7/24/05] - "Now, that is a great question, isn’t it? Excuse me while my imagination runs wild. Yet, as wild as my imagination gets, it just can’t quite keep up with the machinations and sheer amorality of BushCo. You don’t suppose this creature (the suspect -my clarification) was one of ours, do you? I mean, Fearless Leader would never, ever set a bombing in motion because his ratings are in the toilet. Would he?"

So basically, she is suggesting Bush and America may have been involved in the London bombing. In summary, I don't think it's sufficient to simply dismiss Madrak and her comments as the sour grapes from a bitter whackjob loser. I think she deserves a dose of her own medicine if she does not apologize for her comments.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

gee, i thought this was a free society were people could say what they want.

there is no right in the constitution to not being offended.

btw, when will we hear the apology about bombing mecca?

plenty of hate-filled comments ont he right. PLENTY, PLENTY PLENTY. to bad most of them delete liberal posts to their blogs.

so, let's get some thicker skin, stop getting our blogging feelings hurt, and focus on the important stuff, shall we?