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Monday, September 01, 2008

Shepherd Smith

Shepherd Smith of Foxs News is such a deutchbag. I heard him say at least three times today "this is my 28th hurricane". What a strapper he is- as if he were a brave pioneer or explorer. It is just the news you idiot and FYI hurricanes occur about 10-20 times every year.

The scene of the anchor man standing in the storm holding a microphone is now old, stale and hokey. Time to put that news production in mothballs. And fire deutchbags like Shepherd Smith!


Anonymous said...

shep is a douch bag? he loves me and so sara and marci are delusinal and u r a scum bag
Mary TSR

Trooper York said...

A deutchbag? What is that a german valise?

Jeeez you Phillies fans are weird.

Do me a favor and bitch slap the Mets this weekend ok?

AJ Lynch said...

German valise? I will borrow that Trooper.

Deutschbag- one of my favorite epithets.