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Sunday, September 07, 2008

"Meet The Press" Being Replaced by "MEET THE TAXPAYERS"

The MSM has their collective knickers twisted. Sarah Palin has not graced them with her presence and "it's been nine days since she was announced as McCain's VP choice". That is a quote from girly-boy Chris Matthews this morning.

I recommend McCain give Palin free access to a Meet The Press type confrerence but instead of MSM types, they should randomly find informed taxpayers to ask the questions. Call it "MEET THE TAXPAYERS". And no one from the Beltway is allowed. This is a great maverick move for McCain because polls show voters don't believe nor respect the MSM anyway.

The new paradigm goes around and replaces the biased dinosaur media with real no-bullshit type regular citizens to ask questions to the candidates.

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