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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dave McLimans

Here is a quote from a New York Times story. The reporter caught up with this guy at a rally for Joe Biden in Media, PA.

“People got to wake up, because these guys in Washington are raping this country,” said Dave McLimans, a steelworker from Coatesville, Pa., who attended the rally in Media. “Joe Biden talks in a way that can wake people up.”

Sounds innocent enough right? Sounds like a regular working class guy maybe even an independent. Well when I do the googles on the name Dave McLimans, I learn he may be a steelworker but he is also a union official and is president of the Chester County Labor Council and has given money to Dems in the past.

Should the NY Times reporter have known that and included it in his story? Does the reporter even know Google exists?

Here is the googles proof; scroll down, McLiman's name is the third name in the Chester county section.

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