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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stuff Congress Has Neglected

For the last 2o-30 years, Congress has neglected many important issues. These include:
  • The ERISA legislation was enacted in 1974 and established IRA accounts with a $2,000 maximum annual contribution. It took Congress almost 35 years to raise the IRA maximum above $2,000. Why ? Are they so are out of touch with the average American?
  • The government failed to enforce immigration laws leading to a large-scale amnesty program in the 1980's. Now 30 years later, they have again failed to enforce laws and we have 12 million illegal immigrants with no incentive to go home or become legal residents.
  • Banks have a limit of $100,000 on FDIC insured balances. As far as I know the this limit has never been increased. Why not?
  • The "contributions" made by hard-working Americans to social security have been squandered in what Congress might call an inter-generational shell game. Those "contributions" are 12% of our earnings versus only 7-8% thirty years ago. Should Congress fix this? How much would it cost? Why hasn't it been fixed or should it stay broken for the next 1,000 years?
  • Today, many elected officials claim our infrastructure is falling apart. Americans have been paying gasoline taxes to the state and fed for years. Plus tolls and car/ license fees. What have they been doing with this money? Perhaps spending it on other stuff?
  • The war on drugs? Is it time to re-think tough drug laws and perhaps legalize some drugs? Would that reduce crime (fewer laws means fewer laws broken) and reduce the money we spend on jails, police and the cour system?
  • What is so wrong with allowing govt-issued school vouchers so conscientious parents can send their kids to a school that may work. If I had school-age kids in a big city, I would not want to wait for the Democrats to fix the public schools cause it ain't gonna happen for another 50 years if ever.
  • Energy- Part I. Back in the 1970's there were gasoline shortages and gas lines. Americans learned oil was a finite natural resources, so did Congress and what did Congress do to plan for growing demands for energy? Not much?
  • Energy Part II. Congress shows no energy or motivation to serve the people's interests unless they believe that involves bickering and grandstanding. Give me a good reason or two to support any member of Congress who has been in office for more than two terms?

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