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Friday, July 11, 2008

Mayor Nutter...........

.........let me ask you a question. Yesterday, the news media reported that your city's population continued to decline. Since 1950 when it peaked at 2,071,605, Philadelphia's population has dropped by 31% to 1,449,634 in 2007. That means 3 out of 10 residents have left for greener pastures since 1950 (not a good trend Mr. Mayor).

But the number of city council seats has stayed the same at about 17. Why don't you consider saving city funds by reducing the number of city council districts? Fewer residents surely means there is less work for the city council.

Please don't get offended at my question. Just yesterday, when you posed your question about charging residents for trash collections, you defended it by saying it is just one of thousands of questions that gets asked.

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