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Friday, June 06, 2008

News Biz Is Bad Biz

The new owner (Philadelphia Media Holdings) of the Philadelphia Inquirer reportedly missed an interest payment on some subordinated debt.

I have never witnessed a business allow its employees to deliberately sabotage the business and turn away customers. But I believe that is what the liberals who run these papers have done.

The editorial staff and many reporters just don't get it so they continue to write far left-slanting news stories. Do they ever even wonder why the paper's circulation continues to drop?

Sure, I know there are other reasons for the newspapers to lose customers. But the Philadelphia Daily News and The New York Times lost me as a customer some time ago. I was a semi-regular consumer of each paper but got sick and tired of the liberal slant. Letting the employees ruin a newspaper is like a restaurant employing a waiter or bartender who did not bathe or use deodorant. It is nuts!

I predict the Associated Press will be next- its wire stories surely affect the slant of these local papers who pay big fees to the AP for its crappy stories. Evidence: have you ever read "news" stories from the AP's economic writer, Jeannine Aversa? If not, I suggest you do and you will see why I feel the way I do.

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