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Monday, June 09, 2008

Ann Curry Saves Lives?

Question: NBC’s Ann Curry seems to be everywhere these days—the Today show, Dateline, guest-anchoring the Nightly News, and traveling to places like Antarctica. Does she have a life outside of work?—Lisa Mackin, Avon, Ohio

Answer: “There are times, to be perfectly honest, when I wish I had more of a life,” says Curry, 51, the wife of businessman Brian Ross and mother of teens McKenzie, 15, and Walker, 13. “But my family knows that my sense of mission requires me to say ‘yes’ whenever I can do something to save lives in places like Bosnia, Darfur, and Congo.” Curry has become such a superstar at NBC that you can expect to see her as part of the network’s election coverage this summer and fall.

Blogger's comment:

Damn - I never knew that folks like Curry and I presume Matt Lauer are out there saving lives! God Bless Our High Paid Talking Heads!

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