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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rendell Says Dredging River Will Create 175,000 New Jobs

Here is the quote from the Philly Inquirer idiotorial today......

"For that, Rendell and other backers of the project rely on a study commissioned by a group of maritime entities. It projects the creation of 175,000 direct and indirect jobs from port and infrastructure improvements related to the dredging. Rendell says even half that number of jobs would justify the dredging, and he holds out the tantalizing prospect that many of these jobs would pay "70, 80, 90, 100,000 dollars." Currently, longshoremen working in the region average $60,000 a year, far below the national average of $114,000. So there seems to be potential here if shipping traffic grows as expected. "

So let me get this straight - for about $300Million, Rendell will dredge the river, create 175,000 new "great-paying" jobs that pay about twice the national average of $42,000!!!???

Well, Rendell must be a miracle worker. Let's spend double that amount and create twice as many jobs. Oh and screw SEPTA- we should take the money from them cause we won't need those measly 43,800 jobs (see post below).

And thank you to the Inquirer idiotorial writers for quickly proving my point (in yesterday's post re SEPTA) that you will publish almost any piece of bullcrap that is peddled to you as long as it fits the idiotors' worldview.

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