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Friday, May 18, 2007

Illegally Enter America? You Are Now A Citizen

I don't get it. The Congress and the President will soon sign laws that enable 12 million (or more) ILLEGAL immigrants a path to citizenship??

Why would they do that? I can understand establishing some legal form of residency but I would never agree to let ILLEGAL imigrants become citizens. As I have said here before, I am OK if their kids one day become citizens but not the ILLEGAL immigrants.

And we must control our borders ASAP and install some form of universal ID card because if we don't there will be another 12 million here very very soon. Not to mention the crazed terrorists sneaking in right beside those innocents coming here to work hard to get a small piece of the American Dream.

Lastly, I don't get why any Republican would support this because ILLEGAL immigrants are not likely to vote Republican and so this law will dilute the value of my vote. And that is crazy to me. I am being disenfranchised in a way. I wonder what native Americans in states like Texas and California are thinking?

Bottom line - I say create a program that 1- controls the borders, 2- enables us to ID everyone and 3 - legalizes crime-free illegals BUT no citizenship ever.

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