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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Union Of Concerned Scientists or Some Things Don't Change

I just read an obit for a highly regarded physicist. His name was Francis Low and the obit in the Philly Inquirer included this paragraph:

He was a founding member of the Union of Concerned Scientists in 1969. He was briefly chairman of the union, but stepped down because he disagreed with members who refused to consider studying whether nuclear reactors could be made safe and reliable”.

I find this extremely interesting. The Union Of Concerned Scientists is the same group that is so certain about global warming and is the same group that often gets news coverage by accusing the Bush Admin of censoring guvmint scientists. On the other hand but with far less news coverage, several in the world of science have claimed this group stifles the dissenting opinions of scientists who are less certain about global warming. The obit suggests the Union of Concerned Scientists' history of stifling dissent may go back as far as 1969.

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