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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chaka Fattah - First Winner of My Weekly "CF Award"

Chaka Fattah : Congressman & High School Dropout & Obvious Dope

I am awarding a weekly award for the dumbest idea thrown out by a politician. Because there is a mayoral election this year in Philly and five Dems are running, I think I may get plenty of dumb ideas. I named the award "The CF Award" in honor of the first winner who is also a high school dropout and from the looks of his idea, I guess they don't make those GED diplomas like they used to. CF Award stands for "Crazy F'er" and is appropriate to describe the first winner, Chaka Fattah, who wants to charge people to drive their car into center city. CF's rationale is London does it and it raises lots of money and Fatah says he will use the money to fund public transportation.

You know the Democrat mantra these days is "Septa needs a dedicated funding source" by which they mean Septa needs its own new tax so the polticians don't have to stand up every year and admit that Septa's expenses are out of control and that is why its budget goes up by 10% or more every year while the number of riders goes down. Instead the politicians should ask why the public has to fork over a budget subsidy to Septa of $3 or more EVERYTIME a rider steps onto a Septa vehicle. So, Fattah looks at a city with about 7 million people and a much more comprehensive transit system and determines that Philly could do the same thing. This is another example of why I am no longer a Democrat.

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