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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Third Way On Immigration Reform

So far the argument is between amnesty leading to cittizenship vs. sending the illegal immigrants back to the country from which they emigrated.

I support a third way. It requires we stop the bleeding and secure the borders now with fences, etc. As to those already here illegally, I recommend we allow those that are not criminals to stay and be classified and tracked as a "legal alien or pemanent resident " only after they pass a language test, etc. BUT they will never be allowed to become a citizen or vote. I do support their kids having that right of citizenship after the kids reach let's say 18 years old or have been here ten years. The strength of my plan is it does not reward people who have come here illegally and, in effect, "jumped the waiting list".

In other words, I am saying "tough luck" to those who have come here illegally- you will never have the right to vote which would essentially dilute the value of the vote of those who became citizens legally and properly.

I suspect most illegal immigrants will accept the terms of my plan- only a very small number if any will decide to leave the great old USA.

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