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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Locks Are Made For Honest People

Here is a story from Time reporting that Karen Hughes made $450,000 in speaking fees during her 1-2 years (if that long) hiatus from govenment employ. Nothing unethical about this (I believe) but it has to make you wonder about the enormous fees these career policy wonks can earn as they jump back and forth from the public to the private sector.

I seem to recall hearing Rahm Emanual (former top aide to President Clinton and current Illinois congressman) made about $10 Million in less than two years (the time between his job with Clinton and his swearing in as a congressman).

These examples show why those ethics laws don't work. Many news outlets espouse stronger ethics laws but you can't train a cockroach to eat just the food you want it to eat. Let's face it, the two dominant polictical parties are just too corrupt- they thrive on legal and illegal payola and need to be gutted by a "clean sweep" type third party that will lead a drive to "unelect" all incumbents and thus eviscerate the political power of the Dems and the Republicans!

And as I heard a long time ago......locks are made for honest people. For your reading pleasure, here is the link to the story about Karen Hughes' speaking fees. BTW, do you think Time wrote a similar story about Rahm Emanuel's private sector earnings?,8599,1114402,00.html

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