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Friday, October 28, 2005

Amtrak Is Expensive vs. Flying 3,000 miles onSouthwest

I bought a roundtrip ticket to Phoenix from Philadelphia only seven days before my trip. The airplane ticket cost $355. It got me thinking much is a roundtrip ticket on Amtrak from New York to Washington, DC. I guessed it would cost at least $300 or almost as much as my plane ticket to go over 2,500 miles. [Update- I looked up the actual Amtrak ticket costs; a roundtrip on the Acela Express, admittedly a more costly fare, costs $320 for a Thursday-Sunday roundtrip. As they used to say "Go Greyhound". ]

How ridiculous is that? Explains why so few use Amtrak and it must be subsidized by the feds every year to the tune of $48 per passenger trip. I have posted about this waste before. And I am not against train service but someone has to figure out how to make it more economical and effective.

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