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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Delaware Blogger Gets Mention in Associated Press Story??

The AP wrote a story about a new TV show , "Commander in Chief". The story mocked some who theorize the show is actually a promo for a woman president (aka Hillary). BUT the local angle to the AP story is that it used a quote from a blogger called "The Colossus" and that blogger (I am not certain) may be from the Delaware Valley and toiling away on a blog named the Colossus of Rhodey.

For your reading pleasure I have supplied the story quote and a link below to the AP story via the Philly Inquirer. Story quote re The Colossus...."And the blogger Colossus pronounced the show "a nefarious plot to advance the notion of a Hillary Clinton presidency."


Anonymous said...

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The Colossus said...

Actually, it was me they were quoting. Rhodey and I get confused pretty often, but we're two different bloggers. I blog from Massachusetts.

Here's the original post they were quoting, which appeared back in July:

My reaction to the AP Coverage is here:

Hube said...

Yes indeed. It ain't us, I can attest to that! (And I speak on behalf of all of us at The Colossus of Rhodey.) We tip our hat to Colossus -- our URLs are a tad similar, but we're a member of the MuNuvians -- our URL is Great mention in AP, even if they did confuse us! :-)