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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Filtered News

It's been three days or so since Senator Kennedy's brother-in-law, Raymond Reggie, pled guilty to several bank fraud charges in a federal court in New Orleans.

During his plea, Reggie also admitted he was serving as a government informant in a case against the former finance chief of Hillary Clinton's senate campaign in 2000.

Since I am a news wonk and also like to question the motives behind the media's positioning or hiding a story, I noticed (as of today) of the big media sources, only the NY Times had reported on the Reggie case (in addition to AP). So my hometown paper, the Philly Inquirer and the Wash Post and The LA Times have essentially ignored this story for 3 days.

Do you think they would do that if the story involved Senator Santorum's brother in law? Its unbelievable because it is a BIG news story no matter how you cut it. So, why the seemingly uniform filter from three leading newspapers?

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