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Friday, April 29, 2005


I just read Paul Krugman's latest broadside at conservatives, etc. Don't know why I read him as I never agree with him and he is an obnoxious dweeb.

Anyway, here is what I think America should do about health insurance. Universal availability, universal pay too. What do I mean by that? The employer is charged a payroll tax of let's say 5% of his total payroll and pays that to the govenment. Then the government issues a voucher to every credentialed American which can be used to buy their own health insurance. Notice I did not say "every working American". So, everyone has a voucher to buy their own insurance. Insurance policies must provide a minimum of "X" levels of coverage and an individual could purchase a very expensive policy (let's call it a cadillac type policy). In that case, the voucher may not cover the total cost of the "cadillac" policy so the individual has to reach in theri own pocket to cover the premium.

My plan gets the employer out of the hassle of choosing the coverage, covers everyone with some type of coverage and does not lead to COBRA type situations when you are between jobs. Plus my plan gives everyone a choice, does not require a fat and wasteful bureacracy (the libs's single payor) and is SIMPLE. Also, would require insurers to agree to do away with the old pre-existing condition factor and would not eliminate an entire industry. Plus my plan is fair- I estimate employers pay at least 5% today to cover their employees.


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