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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Dems Losing It

I just heard the city of San Francisco is planning to enact a law that requires blogs to register with city hall if the blog dares to mention the name of a candidate for public office.

Isn't that so ironic?? The great city that helped spawn the inovators of Silicon Valley which in turn enabled the internet and email and web-browsing by and for the masses has now determined it is oh so very important to regulate blogs. I have to say it this way... democrats are truly losing their minds; they have become humorless pessimists that think new laws can solve every one of their problems. Dems rre convinced they are losing the battle of campaign money but they virtually spent as much money as the Republicans in the 2004 election even if you counted all the soft money from groups like Moveon(dems) and Swift Vets (reps), etc.

And if money is their big concern, don't forget the Dems have the by far richest cast of Senators in the land. What did Corzine spend to get six year in the Senate ....almost $75MM??

Come on Democrats. Get a grip- most blogs are just used as a form of personal OPED pages by the author. It's the newest form of diary. Would the dems do the same to some politically oriented graffiti artist? I can just hear the mayor of San Francisco confronted by a once-famous and prolific graffiti artist in Philly.... "this is the mayor- I want you to track down Cornbread and take away his spray can and brushes".

Even Willie Brown would have known better.

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