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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Super Fx#@**ng Day

I like to predict how the day will go so I usually make a note in the morning in my copybook in the office . I usually write ... good day or great day but yesterday I wrote F&&##x#$$ng Super Day for some strange reason and damned if it didn't turn out that way. Gotta remember to try that more often.

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Pamela Goodwin-Daniels said...

Okay, this is the last comment. Can I try that? I have been on this blog site for a very short time, and I was thinking about giving up, 'cause actually, so many of these bloggers are....., well, BORING!!!!!! That is the nicest thing I can say about my experiences in the reading of them. You are a treasure. I was sinking to a level, and now I am disappointed with my own blog. Shame on me. Kudos to you! 'Bye.