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Monday, February 21, 2005

Is The End Near for Detective Shows ?

I heard California is considering a tax on the mileage you drive in your car. They would assess the tax by installing a GPS system in everyone's car so they can track where you drove and how many miles. The state proposal is necessary (they claim) because tax revenues at the pump are down because people are driving more gas-eficient cars/ hybrids. I thought they wanted us to be more fuel savvy. Oh but I guess that does not feed the insatiable state's appetite for more and more of our tax dollars.

What would the universal GPS system do to crime-stopping? Would the police know exactly where my car (and yours) went at all times? Not that I am planning any crimes in California- I am just you know asking?

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Pamela Goodwin-Daniels said...

I just found your blog tonight, and I love it! This whole incident and proposed GPS insertion intention, smacks of BIG BROTHER, do you think it will be far off when they break into our homes and carry off all our books to burn them? The plot thickens. "JESUS keep me near the cross". amen.