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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Mayor Fix-it or Johnnie Come Lately

I noticed Philly's Mayor John Street figured out that losing the hockey season could cost the city some money. So NOW he wants to try to help fix or mediate the strike issues even though both sides decided (the day before Mayor Street's announcement) the season is OVER. Way to go Mayor- I am so glad to see you awake for once.

I'd like to propose Mayor Street be re-named. How about voting for one of the following?
Johnnie Come Lately or Mayor Fix- it. Let me know which you prefer. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I vote for Mayor Fix-it- reflects his role in fixing up his brother with city contracts.

Pamela Goodwin-Daniels said...

I propose y'all start praying for a brother, 'cause people get in those positions for a reason. Whether bad or good, "the devil can mean a thing for bad, and GOD can turn it around for good" Ya just never know, you know?