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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grant Desme Retires From Baseball.... play in the really big leagues. Neat story about a pretty good and maybe promising minor league baseball player who decided to quit baseball to enter the seminary and become a priest.

If you read the story, it mentions another baseball player, Al Travers, who also went on to be a priest [FYI - Aloysius "Buzzy" Travers was my religion teacher in 1967-68 when I was a sophmore in high schoo].

At one time, Buzzy Travers held the all-time record for most runs given up by a pitcher in one game. He gave up about 26 runs [I am going from memory here ] in his only major league appearaance in like 1918. It was complicated- Father Travers was one of a group of college players who were paid to play in a major league game in Philadelphia vs. The A's. They were replacement players for the Detroit Tigers who had gone on strike to protest the suspension of their teammate, Ty Cobb.

I do not make this stuff up! [Click on the post title above to read the ESPN story].

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