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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Is this a first.......

........when an NFL team could not get to its game so a high school team plays in its place? Because the New York Football Petunias aka Giants obviously did not show up to play against the Vikings today. The score so far is Vikes 44 and the Petunias zero! Heh. Maybe the Giants' plan is to go for a higher slot in this year's college draft. If so, that plan is working!


Trooper York said...

Hey wheres's all my Igles commentary?

I mean they lasted one whole game more than the Giants.

I know you are not going to follow the playoffs because you don't have a dog in that fight. So to speak.

AJ Lynch said...

Bullshit. I always have an opinion cause they don't cost me anything.

1- McNabb and the Fat Man must go.
2- Cardinals win the NFC
3- San Diego wins the AFC

Check back next week for a Super Bowl prediction.