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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Did It Cost The Giants When.....

.....their two top coach coordinators had job interviews this past week??

Steve Spagnola, the Giant's defensive coordinator, and Kevin Gilbride, the offensive coordinator, each had a job interview this past week for a head coaching vacancy. The Jets interviewed Spagnola and the Raiders interviewed Gilbride.

I don't care who you are, that has to affect your preparation in advance of a big game. Hey if it did, it helped my Eagles win. But when I am Emperor, those kinds of distractions will be outlawed.

[This post is for by blogging friend, Trooper York who is a dieheard Giants fan. Troop feel free to use this if you decide to make an irate call to WFAN. Heh]

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Trooper York said...

AJ the whole thing came down to the Plaxico Burress distraction. Antonio Pierce got caught up in that mess and couldn't concerntrate and sort of lost his moral authority over the defense. Plus it is very hard to win back to back. The Giants did a lot better this year than the first two times they won when the next season was an absolute bust. They peaked too early and weren't focused. I think they will come back strong next year.