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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

USS Forestal Disaster

John McCain survived this disaster which started when another pilot accidentally shot McCain's plane on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Forestal in 1967.

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Anonymous said...

Actually a further investigation will reveal that McCain started the fire by firing up his afterburner before they raised the blast shield on the catapult igniting the fighter behind him. The story was burried because his father was commander of the Pacific Fleet. He was immediately transferred off the carrier.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the A-4 Skyhawk that McCain flew didn't have an afterburner. So you lose there. Second of all, his plane was parked near the edge of the deck with the tail hanging over the side, so there was no way for his exhaust to impact any other aircraft.

Him and several other pilots were transferred to the Oriskany after the fire, because the Forestal would be out of commission getting repaired. Not because of any "Cover Up."

It sounds like you need to do a little better investigation next time before you try to lie about someone.