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Monday, February 04, 2008

Is That Like Being A Little Pregnant?

A Little Exuberant...this is what Hillary Clinton replied when she was asked if she regrets making a promise to add 200,000 new jobs to western New York state. Clinton made this promise in her first senate campaign in 2000. Here is the money quote from the news story today.

START OF STORY: February 4, 2008 BRIDGETON, Mo. — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton conceded Sunday that she “might have been a little exuberant” when she predicted she could bring 200,000 jobs to Western New York as a senator but stressed that she would do a far better job on economic issues than her chief rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

In an interview with The Buffalo News after a town hall meeting on economic issues in this St. Louis suburb, the New York senator blamed Republicans for getting in the way of her economic plans and criticized both Obama and the GOP presidential front-runner, Sen. John McCain, for their approach on economic issues.

Asked if she regretted her 2000 campaign pledge, Clinton said: “Well, I might have been a little exuberant, but I thought we could do it.” END OF STORY.

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