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Friday, March 02, 2007

The Stampede To Support Global Warming

I saw on Drudge a National Geographic news article where a foreign scientist said there is evidence the planet, Mars, is warming too. If true, he said that could be evidence that warming on earth is due to the sun warming. The article went on to quote two other individuals. One was referred to as a "climate scientist". Both individuals disagreed with the first scientist's theory.

Curious, I googled the "climate scientist" and found he has a masters degree (no PHD yet) and is approximately 25-26 years old. His website lists him as a research assistant! Is his somewhat limited education and brief experience typical of the "authorities" who are generally quoted by the MSM in these global warming stories? If so, it seems damn questionable. Click on the post title if you want to read his curiculum vitae. I don't make this stuff up.

And since I am fair, the second skeptical scientist is named Colin Wilson. I also googled him, he has a PHD and worked on stuff like the Mars lander thingamabob. So I would agree Wilson has bigtime credentials.

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