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Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Did Not Pay My Old Parking Ticket Again

I saw this story that Obama paid some very old parking tickets dating back to his days at Harvard some 15 years ago or more. No big whup this story but I have decided to announce I have not paid the late fee on my old parking ticket again. And never will.

Here is my story and I am sticking to it. About twelve years ago, I got a parking ticket on a Friday evening in downtown Philly. The ticket was for maybe $20 and they require it be paid within eight calendar days!! or they add exorbitant late fees (Philly is run by filthy disgusting cretins). Anyway I have to go out of town the following week, get home very late on Friday and realize I have to pay the ticket by noon on Saturday. So, I race downtown on Saturday morning and get to the office at 11:55AM I swear to God and the cretin in charge has the doors locked already. So I slide my envelope with the check through the cracks between the doors and it falls at the feet of the cretin/ guard. He says we are closed, I point to my watch and say it ain't noon yet and leave.

Well sure enough they send me a late fine of about $29 which is more than the original ticket. I check my bank statement and see my check was cashed that Monday and I flip them the bird figureatively and decide they ain't getting a another cent from me. In the 12 years since then, the cretins have sent me at least 100 notices asking me to pay. And I don't even live in cretinville anymore. What a bunch of dopes.

Update- When I was on vacation once,I got a parking ticket on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I forgot to pay it somehow -it was a rental car and the agency sent me the ticket like 2 months later. Guess what - there was no frigging late fee. Now think about that - which place would you rather visit ? Philly or Los Angeles? One is run by cretins who jack up your parking ticket with exorbitant late fees or a beautiful sunny city in Caleeeeeeeefornya.

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