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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Poll Data Is Way More Interesting Than The Poll Headline

I actually read the questions in a recent poll regarding Pennsylvania and the governor's race, etc. It is fascinating. For instance, 48% have a favorable opinion of the current governor, Rendell, and 50% have a favorable opinion of his opponent, Swann. Yet Swann gets only 36% of the votes and Rendell gets 49%.

And even more fascinating to me is that ONLY 23% approve of Bush's handling of the economy AND (EVEN MORE BIZARRE) only 24% think Pennsylvania is headed in the right direction!! Let's see, I think unemployment is about 5% so I think Pennsylvanians (at least those polled here) and Americans overall are suffering from a great malaise. Is it possible we are just a bunch of whiners? Though I believe the average person is aware that our elected reps do not get anything done and waste time on issues that are not important. So they approve of the governor but must think the office is impotent to get the state headed in the right direction.

Lastly, the poll says 80% favor a fence be built on the Mexican border. So why did the US Senate refuse to fund it? (Below is the link to the poll results).

As I said, the poll details are way more fascinating than the poll headline.


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