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Monday, July 03, 2006

Does America Need Another Bazillionaire In The Senate?

I am not a big fan of Senator Joe Lieberman (after all he is a Democrat) but I do believe he is honest, genuine and holds certain core values. And he won't sellout his values for political reasons.

Anyway, Lieberman is in a primary battle with a "businessman" Ned Lamont which is what Democratic bloggers call their favored candidates when they are rich (if the same person was a Republican, the left blogs and MSM would call him an "ultra-rich capitalist").

And according to Lieberman, Lamont is worth a bunch of money. See Lieberman's quote below......
"What if my opponent, who says he is worth somewhere between $90 million and $300 million, decides to write bigger and bigger checks in the last weeks of the campaign?" Lieberman stated when asked why he was considering a run as an independent too.

So I ask does America really need another bazillionaire Senator?? I say there are too many of those already and the Senate seats are becoming like a "vanity seat".

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