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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Talk Show Host Is The Real Garbage

I was reluctanly listening to a talk radio show, Jay Severin. I say reluctantly because I don't care for this guy's show but I was in my office and the station happened to be tuned to his show.

Anyway, a lady called in and very politely admonished Severin for calling all illegal immigrants "garbage". It seems Jay had said that on a past show. Well, the caller went on to say her husband is an illegal immigrant and they had a couple nice kids and she said none of her family were garbage. Jay responded by asking if the husband was really an illegal immigrant. When the lady responded "yes", Jay said "well then he is garbage" and hung up on her. I say this guy Severin is the real garbage and I suspect he is a physical coward to boot. He certainly proved talk is cheap.

1 comment:

ColossusHube said...

That is indeed horrendous. What station is this asshat on?