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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Is Gillick Philly's Best GM?

Isn't it funny how things change so quickly? I believe Pat Gillick is the most experienced and most qualified and best GM among Philly's four major sports. And in my world that means the Phillies are in the best position to win their sport's title. Cause my theory is it's GM's not managers nor owners that assemble the parts that make up championship-caliber teams. And Gillick is definitely an upgrade from Billy King, Bobby Clarke and slimmed-down but still arrogant Andy Reid.

And it is very rare for a first-time GM to win it all. King and Reid are first-time GM's and Clarke has never been a GM anywhere but here (I think-- he may have served some time in exile for a year ot two). So that means they are first-timers.

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ColossusHube said...

Then where was Gillick is getting the Phils some pitching? Getting rid of idiot Manuel? Nevertheless, I tend to agree with you -- Gillick is probably the best GM in Philly now, especially considering who he replaced.