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Saturday, December 10, 2005

We Are Selfish & Lazy But Claim To Be Too Busy

I went out to take a walk and mail a letter. It snowed the other day so the curbs and streets are still messy and there are intermittent piles of snow where the town could not plow cause some of my neighbors (the fat and lazy family a few doors down) did not get off their fat butts to move their cars (street is always plowed since it’s a snow emergency route and you are supposed to to move your car when it snows so they can plow the street).

But I digress. I went out the door and some lady had gotten her car stuck in one of the snowpiles caused by the fat family when she tried to drive over a snow pile. I offered to push her car and just asked to not run me over by putting the car in drive instead of reverse. Her car was at a 45-degree angle to the curb and she could not speak English very well so I had reason to be a little concerned that any miscommunication could cost me. Anyway, by pushing and leveraging myself against a tree, and a little shoveling under a wheel, I got her car free. It was a little difficult pushing her car because she did not seem to realize she could assist my efforts by pressing the gas pedal. Anyway she was appreciative but I did notice no one else stopped to help her. Now, this is a busy street and at least 20-30 cars pass by every minute. She was out there at least 15 minutes cause I saw her before I left the house, would have helped her sooner but thought she went to her office to get some help.

I assume no one else stopped because “we are all so busy today”. IMHO, that attitude is a gigantic crock. People are not busier today; they are just doing more optional stuff so they think they are busier. There is no frigging way the average American today is busier than a working mother from the 1950’s or1960’s. Today, you have far fewer kids per family, much bigger houses, more bathrooms, more clothes, electronic banking, microwaves, buy take-out food or eat in a restaurant 3-4 times a week, own 2-3 cars per family, have the internet, make more money, own many more gadgets, and take longer and more expensive vacations and have many more career options!

The reason we think we are oh so busy is we are generally just self-centered, selfish, lazy, fat, soft complaining Americans. The Greatest Generation would hate us but for the fact they are our parents. And believe me, they pray and hope we change our whiny ways so they can die in peace.

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