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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lotta Fuss For So Few Viewers

I have read two columns in the last two days by fairly bigtime (Cheyney's favorite adjective for MSM as you may recall) columnists, Ruth Marcus and Froma Harrop. Both bemoaned Fox News' Bill O'Reilly and his campaign about companies, stores and ACLU-types trying to put the clamps on Merry Christmas.

Now, let's agree witrh certain facts....O' Reilly and Fox News probably get less than 25% of the ratings that EACH of the three MSM networks channels get. That means that if Fox gets 3 Million viewers, the other three MSM stations (ABC, NBC and CBS) get 36 million combined [ Fox = 3 Million x 4 (for 25%) x 3 stations = 36 million]. Put more simply, the three MSM networks gets 12 viewers for for every 1 watching Fox. Got that?

So why are these two writing about O'Reilly and Fox whose ratings are so insignificant compared to MSM networks. Perhap it disturbds them thatFox represents another voice. I believe the influence and reign of the Harrops and Marcus types is fast coming to an end, they know it and that pisses them off BIGTIME (I like this adjective too). How dumb do Harrop and Marcus look by writing about this issue if "Faux News" is so biased and irrelevant.

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