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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Maybe All Time Worst Mayor

It's the 20th or 25th anniversary of the Move fire that killed 10-11 Move members. The fire erupted when the city of Philadelphia decided to bomb one its naughtier neighborhoods. I will never forget watching that fire on the kept getting bigger and brighter but every 15 minutes or so Mayor Goode would be quoted as saying "we have it under control".

I voted for Goode once but a thousand years from now I predict he could win a contest for the worst mayor of all time in the entire universe! And Philadelphia still re-elected him as mayor after the fire (I only voted for him before the fire).

And this is a little known fact straight from my fact book- Governor Rendell owes a good deal of his own political fortune to Mayor Goode. Rendell followed Goode as mayor and Rendell had it awfully easy following Goode's bad act. All Rendell had to do was scarf down cheesesteaks (came naturally to him), do some belly flops while opening swimming pools and give the keys to the city to his anyone who asked including his many corporate and law firm buddies. Hell Rendell was even anointed as America's Mayor - and could not help but look good when compared to his predecessor. I wonder if Rendell ever thanked Goode for doing such a horrible job as mayor?

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