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Sunday, May 15, 2005


I am starting a new weekly posting and will call these "Idiotorials". They will take issue with (mock) the inane idiotorials I read in various newspapers like my fav the Philly Inquirer. Is it possible idiotorials is in fact the correct name but was changed a long time ago to editorial? By some newspaper that was way too embarrassed to tell their kids they wrote idiotorials for a living.

Methinks my first idiotorial will deal with the Inky putting itself forth as an expert regarding the care and treatment of elephants in a zoo. In the 20th century, a common saying was "those that can't- teach". In this century, that should be changed to "those that can't - write idiotorials"... wait a minute that's what I am doing right now! So that make me an idiotorialist- I may have to revise this post.

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