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Monday, July 25, 2011

$1 per week...........

....I bet my grandmother, a coal miner's widow who died in 1977 at age 83 would have found a way to chip in $1.00 a week to fund the postal service. And that is what it would cost per household and business to cover the USPS's $8 Billion annual deficit.

But let's be honest, people have changed a lot since 1977 and nowadays many Americans would bitch and moan about paying $1 per week for daily postal service. If I were Emperor, I would ask every household and business to pay a tax of $1 per week to continue the current level of postal service.


Anonymous said...

and if you were Emperor, you wouldn't ASK, you'd ORDER ... and you'd still be WRONG!

Casey said...

Why pay even that much? I don't use the post office for $1/week's worth.

I do get a ton of junk mail from them; you'd think the greens would have started complaining about all the dead trees by now.

Scary new concept: require the post office to at least break even on their budget. If they can't, they have to cut costs, raise prices, or some mixture. Let the market decide. Oh, and NO SUBSIDIES. They have to do this from revenue generated by the post office.