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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Uncle Sam Saves Fast Eddie Rendell's Butt

Governor Ed Rendell fattened Pennsylvania state spending by 42% since he became governor. Inflation was only 18% during this same time. He has also increased the state's long-term debt by a few billion or so.

Yet he is considered a good governor by the MSM. They regularly kiss his butt by "cutting & pasting" the governor's press releases into "news items". Due to the state's big spending, when the national economy collapsed, the state was also in big trouble because of Fast Eddie's big spending.

But amazingly, now the federal govt and Uncle Sam rides to the rescue and will give all the states bailout billions. That includes profligate states like Pennsylvania which will get $8 Billion or more.

So it is fair to say Uncle Sam is pulling Governor Fast Eddie's ample butt out of the fiscal fire.

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