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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Great Train Robbery of 2008

The bailout is getting wild. It is over a trillion bucks pledged by taxpayers to bail out everything from AIG to The Big 3 to Fannie & Freddie Mae to Citicorp.

[Next thing you know Moe, Larry and Curly will show up looking for a bailout for their plumbing business. What a classic episode that was "A Plumbing We Will Go". If you saw it, you know they needed a real bailout] Click here for You Tube link:

Seriously, I am beginning to believe this whole thing is the greatest scam and heist of all time. Today, Drudge had a headline that the federal guarantees were up to almost $8 Trillion bucks.

Hell, if you added up every homeowner's mortgage balance in the USA, it would only be about $15 Trillion. Are we paying off the home mortgages for half of the country? If so, count me in - I want mine paid off too!


Darcy said...

Thank you for your latest comments on the Big 3 bailout idea, AJ.

I'm along for the ride, as a Michigan resident, so it matters to me. I understand the public being against this, but I also think like you said, the big picture needs a larger view than some are taking.

Trooper York said...

Hey let me know when Dana Delaney is going to pull the train.

AJ Lynch said...

Hey c'mon this is a "G" rated blog approved by the Catholic League of America who is about my only reader. Heh.