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Friday, August 15, 2008

Jimmy Rollins

My Favorite all-time Phillies player:

My favorite all-time Phillie is Jimmy Rollins. He won an MVP last year and he replaced Lenny Dykstra who was my former favorite all-time Phillie. I don't remember if I had an alltime favorite before Dykstra. Possibly Jim Bunning, who pitched a perfect game on my birthday in 1964.

If you are a baseball fan, you can tell what type of players I like.

Rollins was my favorite several years before he won the MVP. He plays hard, can hit for average and for power and is always smiling. And he can motor around the bases too. I wish he'd work the pitchers more ala Dykstra.


Trooper York said...

Dude, how can you diss Tony Talyor like that?

Plus I always thought Larry Bowa was mine kind of guy. He'd gut you like a fish to win the game. Give me nine Larry Bowa's and would win every time.

AJ Lynch said...

Hey Troop:

I began to hate Bowa when he was manager. It was apparent to me that he just does not like young people. Ever know anyone like that? They think young people are so different and just have pure disdain for them. That is my Larry Bowa theory.

Steve Carlton hated Bowa too. He used to wrap his big paw around Bowa's face whenever the little weasel was around and threaten to use his kung fu on him.

And Tony Taylor! #8 He was a 2nd basemen for the Phils when I was a 2nd baseman in little league. That is like 48 years ago buddy.