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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dreamalee Brotz

First question - Who the hell names their daughter "Dreamalee Brotz" ? I guess her parents were hippies who changed the world, man.

And according to the Philly Inquirer, in an article about how evil and unjust bottled water is, they quoted this lady, a teacher named Dreamalee Brotz, who was no longer using bottled water.

Well, that is your choice lady! Dreamalee- let me say this - you probably support - no you probably demand free choice for women's reproductive rights. And in turn, I demand to make my choice to drink whatever and however I want and to drive the biggest or smallest car I want. Hell, if I so choose, I will use a 16-wheeler just to go to my office.

So stop already you control-freak idiots - stop trying to make Americans do whatever you believe is the latest fad to spring from your incredibly small, far left and fascist-like brains.

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