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Monday, October 22, 2007

Adrian Balboa

Headstone marked "Adrian Balboa" at Laurel Hill Cemetery??

I was at this old cemetery in Philly on Saturday and saw a headstone for an "Adrian Balboa". The headstone was just inside the gate and I guess it could be a movie prop but did not expect it to be sitting there just like one of the real headstones. I googled it an saw someone else (Fliker) asked the same question.

Btw, if you are ever in Philly, I recommend you take a walk around this old cemetery (it goes back to 1836) and has a bunch of immense obelisks as grave markers.


Betsy said...

I am currently working on a major project with Laurel Hill Cemetery, so I am kinda 'buried' in it right now.

Yes the Adrian Balboa marker is from the latest Rocky movie, a scene was filmed at the site. I also agree that when visiting Philly a stop at Laurel Hill is a great idea. Keep an eye out for their new ads coming out soon!

I would love to hear about others experiences at the site as well!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad that Adrian was meantion in the last Rocky tht means he is reallly thinking about and thts a good thing to me! I didnt like the last one cuz Adrian wasnt on tht one and she is my favorite charater too. Number one i like her cuz she is sexy in her own ways number two is cuz she was impotant in Rocky's diffculty lifestyle! I love to go to Laurel Hill sounds great!