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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Phils Win Division

Geat story heh? I had tickets for 2 games in the last week and the Phils lost both! Maybe I should stay away- but this is perhaps my all-time favorite Phils team and Jimmy Rollins may be my all-time favorite player! How fricking good did he play today in the must-win season ending game!!

I was in Bagataway on Friday night and one of the bartenders was wearing an Antonio Alfonseca Phils jersey. Now Alfonseca is a bit of a obscure team member so I was surprised they even sold his jersey. The bartender said he bought it on Ashburn Alley where you can get custom-made jerseys and he knew his Alfonseca would be unique! He claimed the real Alfonseca saw him in his jersey and was excited to see a fan with his name and number! Cool huh. It's a great country - Go Phils!

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