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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hope You Have Blessed Day

I do work with businesses all over the country. I am based in Philly so my frame of reference for religion is mostly Catholic, mainstream Protestant and Jewish faiths.

But I have met with and dealt with more than a few businesses where the owners are fundamental Christians which we in Philly call "born again". That nickname may or not be accurate. Anywho, I really believe most of these folks are sincere in their beliefs and in many cases, raised hell when younger, but have now gone back to church and mended their ways.

I posted this because I called an old business associate's office a few minutes ago and their answering machine had the message.."hope you have a blessed day". Now, tell the truth, you would be speechless if you got that message at a Philly or New Jersey business. This sure is a big and varied country! Do you agree?

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