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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Byron Leftwich Has Small Feet

Now this is a funny story I heard. Yesterday, I was listening to the local sports talk radio show. The hosts were yakking about that day's NFL draft and quarterbacks in particular. One of the hosts was Hugh Douglas who played for the Eagles, Jets and the Jacksonville Jaquars.

Anyway, he started talking about the Jaguars who were rumored to be looking to add a quarterback. He criticized the team, felt they were abandoning the current quarterback, Byron Leftwich, and said the team knew Leftwich had "balance problems" when they drafted Leftwich 3-4 years ago.

Douglas blamed the balance problems on the fact that Leftwich had small feet!! Leftwich wears size nine shoes even though he is 6'5" and weighs 242 pounds. You can view Leftwich's stats at the link below and just so you know, Douglas was very serious - he was not kidding around. Shoot, I never knew that small feet caused balance problems.

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