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Friday, October 27, 2006

A Waffle House Vignette

Gotta tell you The Waffle House is one of my favorite restaurants to help me keep the cholosterol up where it should be. You can't beat it for a quick bacon and eg sandwich and some home fries. Well, today, I was driving back from West Virginia and I had to stop at one enroute thru Maryland (the chain doesn't have any in the Pennsylvania area near me).

Anyhoo, I ordered my usual and was reading The New Years Times that someone had kindly left behind (how odd is that The Waffle House and The New York Times)- you'd never catch one of their elitist girly-men writers in a Waffle House. But I digress, an ancient couple is eating in the booth next to me, they finish their meal and leave. A few minutes later, the husband comes back in and is looking for something. I offered to help, he says his wife left her rain scarf behind. We can't spot it, I mention to their waitress and she says the wife had it around her neck when she left! After he left, I warned the waitress that is what she had to look forward to!

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