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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lotta Americans are fat slobs, Robocop on a mountain bike & Doesn't everyone know what a Husky looks like?

Doing my hike in the park last Sunday which is as good for my mind as much as my health. Anyway, I had three thoughts to share.
  • One- it would be good if most Americans tried to shed at least ten pounds cause we are a fat bunch of slobs (on average).
  • Two- I overheard a little kid point at a Husky dog and ask what kind of dog it was- I had thought everyone knew that but I guess I was wrong.
  • Three- used to be you could ride a bike in your everyday clothes but nowadays- an awful lot of cyclists get fully outfitted in clothes made just for riding. In fact, I saw one mountain biker with so much protective gear, he looked like that guy who played "ROBOCOP".

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